Want to grow your company and still have a life, but feel that there’s just not enough time to get it all done?

Ever feel like people don’t quite understand what you do - so you spend precious time explaining, training your team, and building structures, but still don’t get the results OR the life you want?

If you want more time and ease, if you think that you can’t grow your business without losing your life, it’s time for you to have the power of story on your side!

Join myself and Dr. Michele Gunderson for a FREE LIVE interview where Michele will reveal how to captivate your ideal clients, grow your business, and have a whole lot more fun and time for yourself too!

Through this powerful conversation, you will learn:

  • How the stories we tell actually shape our lives more deeply than we realize - creating the life we want, or not
  • How successful businesses must create stories that empower people at every level, from team to vendors to clients to ourselves - and where to start to make this happen 
  • How the well-told story actually changes the chemistry of your listener’s brain and moves them to action - so you can stop wasting time and finally get results
  • How tapping into the power of story will save you time and energy - so you can live the life you have been dreaming of but never realized you could actually have
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Michele Gunderson, Breakthrough Story Expert

Dr. Michèle Gunderson, PhD., teaches visionary messengers how to tap into the secret power of story to catapult both their businesses and their lives.

A bestselling author and former university instructor, Michele helps heart-centred entrepreneurs create empowering stories in every aspect of their businesses, from speaking and networking to managing a team to getting the words out. Her clients go from having less impact than what they’re capable of, to creating five- or six-figure months easily in a business they love.  

When you discover your own empowering story with Michèle, you can learn to play more, have fun, create a profitable business, and powerfully share your gifts with the world.  

Learn more about Michele at MicheleGunderson.com.

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