Embodied Words for Entrepreneurs: Be Heard by Those You’re Meant to Serve

Mar de Jade | Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

May 9 - 16, 2020

Feel like you’re talking but nobody’s listening? 

Already reaching people but know there could be so much more?  

No time to take the break so you can even figure out what to do next?  

Join us for this exclusive, intimate retreat where you'll....

  • Discover the craft of writing and speaking in ways that draw exactly the right people to you and have them engaged in your mission and your business. 
  • Learn what’s behind the marketing and sales words, what has to come before so that the right people can actually hear you.  
  • Take space for yourself and know that you are worth it, and from that place, envision the highest for your business and your life. 
  • Come be in a space where YOU can emerge, where the world feels aligned and your body moves with ease.  
  • Fall in love with your words, and from that place, learn to love your life more deeply than ever before. 
  • Discover where embodied words come from, find the space for those words to emerge -- then watch your company grow! 

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Embodied Words for Entrepreneurs: Be Heard by Those You’re Meant to Serve


What happens when you actually go do something self-indulgent, something just for you? 

You're telling yourself that you're worth it, and you're not just saying it in words. All of a sudden, you’re bigger. You'll talk to that well-known person who was scary before. You'll do that thing you've been afraid to do. 

It's not just that you recharge your batteries. It's that you acknowledge to yourself through action that you are actually bigger than you've been giving yourself credit for. Know deeply that you are deserving of being filled up. From that place, you get creative energy, and everything grows. New possibilities emerge for your business and your life that you may never have dreamed of before.  


Why should you choose one word instead of another? 

At this retreat, learn the skill and craft of writing, so you’re not sending out faceless, nameless emails that sound like everyone else’s. Write words that go beyond the typical, the humdrum stuff we’re used to reading, and really grab your reader. Write words that people actually want to read. Speak words that people actually want to hear. Learn the craft of writing, and have fun doing it too!  


Why do YOU choose that word? What are YOUR words? 

You know how two people can say the same thing, but only one of them is heard? Why does this happen? Learn how to be the one who is heard because the words you choose unmistakably and uniquely represent you and only you. In addition, as the words appear upon the page, you’ll discover your gifts in a whole new way through the story you've now created. And as you write your story, you see yourself, which is a crucial step for your business because only YOU can build YOUR business.  

As Michael Gerber suggests in eMyth Revisited, what your business is building is YOU. You need to know who you are, and the words will tell you, when you know where to look. You could hire a great copywriter for $10,000 a page, but what actually makes that page impact people is the right words for YOU. Without knowing which words are uniquely yours to say, your sales and marketing copy will not convert.  


Create a new normal for your life by embodying this new vision of who you are and what you have to say. 

Find out how to transfer these new ways of speaking and writing to the cells of your body, so that you actually embody your highest self. This may sound esoteric, but can you tell when someone is saying something that’s just a little off? This is because their words are saying one thing, but the story that’s written into their body, posture, mannerisms, and even the way they walk tells a deeper truth. 

A whole new way of being can be accessed through moving the body in new ways that help us access deeper stories that our conscious mind isn’t aware of. Our bodies tell stories too: think of what happens when you walk into a room to network, or you see a speaker for the first time. Through accessing the deeper consciousness of the cells, you’ll find out how to be aligned. Tap into the wisdom of the body to find your deepest words, the ones people will hear.  


Have the profound and delightful experience of others actually hearing you. 

The voice inside you that used to doubt will fade away, and what will emerge is the beauty of your writing in its raw form. And when that happens, you really see you and your purpose from the highest possible place, and your company lifts to a whole new level.  

What to Expect

  • Retreat tuition includes the entire Embodied Words for Entrepreneurs programming which includes 5 days of class time with Dr. Michele Gunderson 
  • 8 days, 7 nights all-inclusive beachfront resort in Mexico - fall asleep to the sound of the waves 
  • Fresh, delicious, homemade cuisine made from local organic ingredients  
  • Daily opportunity for walks on the beach and yoga  

Learn more about "Embodied Words for Entrepreneurs" 

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